Diving in Golfito
Costa Rica

Discover the hidden gem for Scuba Diving enthusiasts

Diving in Golfito
Costa Rica

Discover the hidden gem for Scuba Diving enthusiasts

Located on the southern Pacific coast, this picturesque town offers access to some of the country’s hidden and most captivating dive sites

Included in this Tour

Boat Transportation
2 Dives
All necessary equipment
Experience in small groups


2 Tanks / IVA included

$120 7 hours

About Diving in Golfito

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary tour, teeming with a diverse array of marine life, including colorful reef fish, sea turtles, eels, and even the occasional encounter with majestic manta rays and whale sharks. Depending on the time of year, diving in Golfito can be an unforgettable experience.

With its lush rainforests and abundant biodiversity, Golfito creates a remarkable backdrop for both seasoned divers and beginners alike.

Whether you’re exploring the stunning coral formations or navigating through captivating underwater canyons, Golfito promises a unique and unforgettable diving adventure.

The warm waters, breathtaking scenery, and thriving marine ecosystems make Golfito an ideal destination for scuba enthusiasts seeking to experience the wonders of Costa Rica’s Pacific underwater paradise.

Details of the Scuba Tour in Golfito

Scuba Diving in Golfito is an amazing experience. Indulge in the freedom of choice with the different scuba diving options, including an invigorating half-day 2-tank dive trip, commencing at 7:30 and typically concluding by noon.

We understand that certain prearranged circumstances may require a slight adjustment to the dive trip schedule.

Our comprehensive package includes full scuba rental equipment, granting you the ease of diving without worrying about gear.

Dive into the depths of two separate captivating locations, immersing yourself in the stunning marine landscapes that await beneath the waves.

As you embark on this unforgettable journey, you can enjoy snacks thoughtfully provided onboard the boat, fueling your adventure with delicious treats.

For those seeking an extended underwater odyssey, we offer the option to arrange a 3 or 4 tank dive trip for an additional charge.

Embrace the opportunity to explore more of Costa Rica’s underwater realm, as we tailor the experience to your desires and curate a diving adventure like no other.

What to bring?

Preparing for Your Exciting Scuba Diving in Golfito Adventure:

  • Make sure you have a smooth and fun trip by packing what you need. Bring your scuba diving license, towels, and cameras.
  • Don’t worry, there’s enough dry space on board to keep your stuff safe. Consider bringing some extra cash for tips or other services you might want during the trip.
  • Take care of yourself during the journey by using sunscreen and wearing a sunhat. If you get seasick, think about taking motion sickness tablets before getting on the boat.
  • For personalized medical advice, talk to a pharmacist or your doctor.
  • Remember, the ocean can get rough, especially on the way back, making the ride wet and bumpy. Enjoy the excitement as part of the adventure!
  • To make things easier, have your diving license ready when you fill out paperwork. If needed, we can arrange to pick you up from where you’re staying for added convenience.

Cancellation Policy:

Please note that all reservations are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit. Our cancellation policy requires a 48-hour notice for a refundable deposit. Regrettably, any cancellations made beyond this period will result in a non-refundable deposit.

Additionally, any transfer fees incurred during the trip will be the responsibility of the customer. We’re committed to making your diving experience smooth and enjoyable, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for any further assistance!

Ready to dive in Golfito?

2 Tanks / IVA included

Got Questions?

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